Ms.Elizabeth Ssemwanga

Elizabeth Ssemwanga
Ms. Elizabeth Ssemwanga


  •  MSc. Business Administration (Accounting) University of Khartoum Sudan.

Co-support Dr. Ssemwanga in scheduling of activities, project documentation, mapping and profiling of activities done at the Center with respect to AGRI-QUEST.

Areas of expertise

  • Entrepreneurial development, cluster formation and implementation, market linkages, value chain analysis and development, as well as inclusive business model development.
  • Strategy design, project planning and implementation, and project monitoring and evaluation.
  • Leadership, communication, and report writing skills.
  • Computer skills including word processing, data analysis, Excel spread-sheets, power-point presentations and use of Internet.

Ms. Ssemwanga is well versed with institutional organisation, restructuring and strategic planning including evaluation of organizational/governance structures and policies and reforming them to optimize the institutional performance in a dynamic and competitive context.

She has progressively built this experience through professional training, supervising strategic planning projects during her job in Uganda Investment Authority (September 1991 – August 2002), and the recently accomplished consultancies in The Ssemwanga Centre for Agriculture and Food Ltd (July 2003 – To date).

Ms. Ssemwanga holds a Master of Sciences Degree in Business Administration. She has substantial skills and experience in business enterprise development.  For more than 20 years she has worked to improve the success rate of business enterprises through advising in and facilitating entrepreneurial capacity building, business partnerships and linkages including foreign direct investment (FDI) attraction and facilitation, market linkages, and mechanisms of organizing business financing.

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