Dr. James Kaboggoza Ssemwanga

DR .Ssemwanga
Dr. James Kaboggoza Ssemwanga Coordinator +256-752- 794612 jssemwanga@yahoo.com

Dr. James Ssemwanga is an agribusiness professional since 1980, with consulting experience in small-medium enterprise (SME) development, general management, planning, monitoring and evaluation.  He has experience with research management and coordination across several countries.

He was the Chair of the Management Committee of National Agricultural Research Laboratories Institute (NARL), a constituent institute of the National Agricultural Research Organisation of Uganda (NARO), for six years till August 2012.  In June 2014, Dr Ssemwanga was appointed to the advisory committee of NaCRRI, a constituent research institute of NARO.  He is a member of the steering committee of BARNESA, the regional research network for bananas and plantains in the East and Southern Africa Region that includes Ethiopia and Eritrea.

Dr Ssemwanga Chaired the Makerere University Food Technology Incubator Program from 2008to 2010 and has facilitated international scientific meetings on more than one occasion.  He has specialist training in marketing, crop post harvest handling and communicating scientific information to non-scientific audiences.

Dr Ssemwanga has more than 16 years of experience in evaluating food security and income generating programs spanning wide geographic areas and long periods of time.  He has participated in research aimed at restructuring the horticulture sector and promoting fruit and vegetable exports from Uganda, together with NaCRRI.  He is the founder of the Ssemwanga Group with research, consulting and logistics operations and is the current Chief Executive Officer.

The Ssemwanga Centre, a subsidiary of the Ssemwanga Group,offers advisory services to agribusinesses in the region and participates in research in agribusiness development, with investments in value addition facilities in wood and cereals.  Ssemwanga Fresh Logistics, another subsidiary, operates two horticulture pack houses with cold storage and primary processing,targeting value added exports and middle-income markets in the region.Dr Ssemwanga is an accomplished and certified log house builder

Dr.James is responsible for :

  • Team leader for trainings in quality control & assurance
  • Guide data collection instruments design, data collection and analysis
  • Facilitate farmer decision-making processes in adoption of ICT technologies/Mobile app and website that will be developed.


  • PhD in Post-harvest Technology, Cranfield University, UK., March 1993 to April 1996 
  • MSc. in Post-harvest Technology, (Crop Market Technology), Cranfield University, UK., September 1989 to August 1990 
  • BSc. in Agriculture with Honours, Makerere University Kampala, Uganda; March 1977 to March 1980.
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