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Agri-quest history

Despite the benefits enshrined in embracing  ethical behaviour and quality standards with respect to accelerating transformation, competitiveness and sustainability of a vibrant food security program and agri-business, there is a considerable lack of attention to these two issues in agribusiness value chains in Uganda.

This raises a question: How can we have a better business climate that fosters a permanent and positive gradual change in practices ,attitudes in agribusiness towards ethical behavior, quality standards in food security and agri-business initiatives?

The complex nature of this question can best be answered through multi-stakeholder engagements that involve various agribusiness players. Hence as an applied research project, AGRI-QUEST,will utilize engagement processes that include capacity building of farmers/value chain players, wide consultations and stakeholder engagement to ensure buy-in, uptake of research outcomes and knowledge exchange for a better business climate.

Strengthening Agribusiness Ethics, Quality Standards and ICT usage in Uganda’s value chains” (AGRI-QUEST)

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