Agriquest overview

AGRI-QUEST research project is rooted on the premise that good ethical behaviour and quality standards would logically be translated into accelerating transformation, competitiveness and sustainability of a vibrant food security program and agri-business.

This may not be the case in many agribusiness value chains in Uganda. The need to have a better business climate that fosters a permanent and positive gradual change in practices & attitudes in agribusiness towards ethical behavior and quality standards in food security and agri-business initiatives is decided.

Through ‘wide consultations and multi-stakeholder engagement approach’ with various agribusiness players, the AGRI-QUEST will utilize such processes that include capacity building of farmers/value chain players, wide consultations and stakeholder engagement to ensure buy-in, uptake of research outcomes and knowledge exchange.

Our key activities.

We center our working goals on the following activities ;

  • Facilitate Value Chain players to design in-house quality control mechanisms, Codes of Conduct and train them to abide by them.
  • Train Value Chain players in local and international agricultural policies and standards and enable them see how these apply and empower them to thrive in agriculture.
  • Help farmers understand farm produce ethical selling/buying conditions and standards set forth by large buyers.
  • Skill farmers in documenting and reporting progress and failures on meeting ethical and Quality standards.
  • Facilitate farmers to dialogue for better business terms
  • Develop a ‘mobile app’ and website that can act as platforms for farm produce/input/outputs markets information exchange, including information about payments options and value addition.

How we work

Strengthening Agribusiness Ethics, Quality Standards & ICT usage in Uganda’s value chains” (AGRI-QUEST

Cassava being dried by the Road side in Butaleja District
Cassava being dried by the Road side in Butaleja District
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